Indian Rugs

Persian Rugs or Indian Rugs? There’s a Difference

Persian and Indian rugs share a similar history, but their paths diverged over the years
Persian and Indian rugs share a similar history, but their paths diverged over the years

The art of manufacturing carpets was introduced in India, probably by the great mogul Akbar (1556-1605) which brought in Persian weavers together with skilled pattern artists mainly for producing Indian carpets for his palace.

During the 16th, 17th and 18th century many fine Indian Rugs were woven and made of the finest sheep wool and silk, with Persian patterns. The quality of Indian carpets sank during the 19th century and right up to the middle of the 20th century, except some smaller productions in the cities of Srinagar, Amritsar and Agra.

After India’s independence in 1947 the commercial manufacturing had a reawakening.

Indian Rugs Today

Today the country is a very large exporter of inexpensive, handmade carpets and rugs which vary in quality and they are often made with classical Persian and Chinese patterns.

To tell the origin of an Indian rug they often use a prefix; Indo Mir, Pakistan-Bochara and Indo Gabbeh which are very different from a Persian Gabbeh for example.

Other carpets from India are sold under the names of Amritsar, Bhadohi, Jaipur, Kashmir, Mirsapur and Srinagar.

What to Expect from Your Hand-woven Rug

Indian carpets are overwhelmingly rich with a sheer range of patterns, styles and designs on their bristled surface. They are one of the uniquely characterized works of art distinguished mainly upon an exclusive, deeply perceptive palette, based on pink, yellow, green, and light blue. Such colors have best complemented on the usual bluish red known as lac red. This intense red has been extensively used for the grounds of fields on carpet. The lifelike and floral designs with animal figures accompanied with the epic hunting scenes on the carpet are indebted to the Persian style.

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