Professional Repair of Persian and Oriental Rugs

Have you inherited a beloved family heirloom that’s a little less than perfect? Or maybe a rug you have loved for years has a torn edge or a piece missing from a corner. Perhaps there are a few holes where a family of moths moved in and set up housekeeping.

Mansour’s Expert Process to Repair Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs

Whatever the problem, don’t panic. Mansour’s Oriental Rug Gallery can fix many different types of damage. In fact, we specialize in rug repair and restoration. All the work is done directly in our shop by our experienced staff members. We do not send out your rugs to someone else.

Taking care of damage as soon as you see it is the best way to keep small holes and tears from becoming larger.

Watch our Experts Repair Your Fine Rug

The repair process is fascinating to watch, and you are invited to come to our shop to see our experts at work. They begin by looking for an exact match of the original wool or silk yarn. Sometimes the fibers must be carefully dyed so the repair blends into the pattern without a trace. Each missing or torn knot is retied and securely fixed to the rug foundation.

Repairing a handmade rug takes time, patience, a keen eye and steady hand. Members of our staff have years of experience and knowledge. They will create a professional repair that will preserve your rug and protect your investment for many years.

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