Kazak Rugs

Hand-Knotted Kazak Rugs Have History

Kazak rugs are associated with geographical regions, not particular tribes of those areas, their history is older than our nation-states
Kazak rugs are associated with geographical regions, not particular tribes of those areas, their history is older than our nation-states

Kazak rugs are a type of Armenian rug that were woven in the south of Caucasus, between Tiflis and Erevan. They are not associated with any particular tribe, but with the geographical areas in which they were made. The Kazak rugs were hand-knotted for the very best quality and were generally made by the women of the communities.

The Many Different Styles of Kazak Rugs

There are three types of Kazak carpets, each of which were made in a different geographical area. Bordjalou Kazak rugs were made in a district that lies to the south of Tiflis. These rugs were coarsely woven and were simple in design. The Kazak rugs from an area south of Bordjalou and north of Erevan are large area rugs that have a shorter pile and have more formal designs. The rugs from Erevan and southeast of Erevan are usually made longer and thinner, like runner rugs, and display more simple designs. These rugs generally feature less ivory and more reds and blues.

The Afghan weavers earlier only had access to two or three colors of dye, usually black, white, grey or deep red. However, the easier access to more dyes, better tools of the trade and diverse resources added versatility to their earlier, more basic rug-making endeavors. The newly created Kazak rugs began to be known for their reds, indigo blues and ivories as well as their warm, casual appearance, which again attests to them being a modern version of the traditional Caucasian rugs.

Today’s Fine Oriental Rugs are Faithful to the Past

In an attempt to stay faithful to the design and the color of the original versions, the Kazak carpet weavers consistently and patiently go through the lengthy process of reproducing the aged appearance of the original works. They do this by ensuring the wool is tightly spun before they begin with knotting it so that the finish is dense while still remaining flat and thin, which is a look that is otherwise only achieved through gentle wear over several years. In addition, the weavers employ a soft brush effect during weaving and at the end of the process they use a special wash which gives the rug a beautifully soft and gently aged look. The wool that is used to produce Kazak rugs is hand spun using a drop-spindle.

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